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Final Expense Insurance

We all know it’s inevitable. We’ll get around to it sometime. We make excuses as to why we don’t have any final expenses coverage. We don’t want to discuss our own demise. We need to though. For our family. Do you want them unnecessarily burdened with the cost of a funeral? Imagine if they cannot afford and hadn’t expected to have to pay for one. That does not need to be your legacy. The cost of a funeral and related expenses can easily be $20,000- or more. Why not lessen that financial burden on your unsuspecting family and take care of it yourself?

We can set up a non-medical required, guaranteed issue plan that will give you peace of mind and your family great comfort. And we can do it today! There are only a few simple questions to see if you qualify.

Highlights of Plan:

  • Guaranteed benefit paid out to your named beneficiary (bypassing probate)
  • Permanent coverage
  • Guaranteed cash values that will grow over time
  • Locked in premiums that will not increase
  • Over the phone or in-person consultation
  • Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages. Call us today at 705-309-1234.

Life Insurance

   - Term Insurance

Term life insurance plans cover the insured for a specific period of time, typically 10 or 20 years. Often this type of insurance is purchased when you need the maximum amount of insurance you can afford to cover a specific situation (such as young families with a mortgage). You can purchase mortgage or loan insurance from the bank when you receive the loan and typically your premiums will remain the same over the term of the debt. However, the benefit paid out upon death is only for the debt remaining. This benefit is paid to the bank, (the bank being the beneficiary), not your spouse or partner who may be financially crippled upon your passing. Another form of Term Insurance is called Term 100. It is actually a form of permanent insurance which will pay a guaranteed death benefit to the beneficiary.


  • low cost
  • term of coverage can be matched with needs

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

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   - Permanent Insurance

Permanent life insurance (also known as Whole Life) will cover the insured for life, not just for a specific term. Premiums typically remain the same for the entire period the insurance is in force. Premiums may be paid over varying lengths of time. Policies may have a participating option which will accrue a Cash Surrender Value for the client who can then borrow from the policy if needed.


  • guaranteed death benefit
  • never have to re-qualify, regardless of health changes
  • perfect for long term financial risks (taxes, final expenses etc.)
  • premiums typically remain the same for the life of the contract

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

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Cancer Plus Health Benefit Plan

With more people than ever before being diagnosed with cancer, this product can offer peace of mind coverage for you and your family members 5 years of age and older. What’s even better, there is no medical or family history questions, just a signed health declaration form. Your premiums will not increase with age. This benefit is paid over and above all other benefits you currently hold, be it through your place of employment or privately. Best of all these benefits will pay up to $10,000 TAX FREE directly to you for you to spend where you see fit.


  • up to $10,000 paid directly to you for you to spend where you see fit
  • no medical or family history questions
  • family coverage available

See PDF for more details (click here).

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

[email protected]

Disability Insurance

Do you have enough money to pay all your bills and support your family should you become disabled? Most of us don’t want to think about it. We would rather bury our head in the sand and say, “it won’t happen to me”. Becoming disabled and being unable to work is not just something that happens to other people. It could happen to you. What would you do? Are you prepared for a serious injury?


  • cash paid to you to spend anyway you see fit, up to $6000/mth
  • Partial disability benefit
  • $100/day accident hospitalization benefit (up to $3000/mth)
  • accidental death benefit
  • waiver of premium when on disability
  • ambulance benefit
  • strain and sprain coverage
  • 24hr a day coverage, anywhere in the world
  • pays on top of any coverage you may currently have

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

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Critical Illness Insurance

Take 5 minutes and think about all the people you know who have had a heart attack, stroke or cancer. Everyone knows several people in that unfortunate situation. Maybe a critical illness has touched your life directly. It could happen to you. With medical advances today more and more people are surviving what would have been a fatal circumstance just a few short years ago. Unfortunately the financial strain that may arise is just as hard to survive. The solution to the latter is Critical Illness Insurance. Covering many illnesses from the ones mentioned above (depending on the plan) to others including kidney failure, M.S., blindness, deafness, coronary bypass, organ transplants and more, this insurance is both affordable and offers the family piece of mind knowing that the financial strain will not add to the unfortunate situation that now befalls them.


  • cash benefit paid directly to you on initial diagnosis
  • recurrence benefit for heart attack and stroke
  • convalescent facility benefit
  • day surgery benefit
  • outpatient cancer treatments
  • home nursing care benefit

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

[email protected]


Hospitalization / Supplemental Health Plan

Have you been in the hospital lately? If you have, you may have learned something that you may not have known. Governments today provide you with the bed and the basics but if you want the extras you have to pay for them. Extras being a T.V., a phone, upgraded room (semi-private, private) etc. Even things like a soft cast for a broken arm instead of a plaster cast or crutches are all extra charges. If you arrived at the hospital by ambulance then this may also be an extra charge. Need the newest medicine? This is likely an extra charge as well. Time off work will also cost you money. Everyone needs this plan and there are no medical questions. Your whole family can be covered. Enroll today!


  • up to $100/day cash to spend as you see fit
  • no medical
  • convalescence benefit (up to 3x the original benefit)
  • family coverage available
  • no health questions
  • covers accident or sickness from the very 1st day

Additional Coverage:

  • day surgery benefit
  • home nursing benefit

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

[email protected]

Group Benefit Plans

We can provide your workplace with the benefits that will keep your employees happy and productive. From full health and dental plans including prescription drugs, we have the right plan for you. Groups start with as few as 3 people.


  • choose from health, dental and long-term disability
  • choose the level of coverage that works for you
  • easy sign up process
  • tax deductible premiums

Talk to an agent for specific details and coverages 705-309-1234

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